My current research interests lie in climate and weather data analysis, extreme climate and weather events, flood risk, sea level, data visualisation, and geospatial analysis. I am currently working on the contribution of tropical cyclones and atmospheric rivers to high sea levels and their connection with climate oscillations.

I graduated with my PhD in coastal environment with a focus on coastal vulnerability to sea level rise and storm surges from the Faculty of Sciences-University Mohammed V, Rabat in Morocco.

I was involved in several Mediterranean projects related to coastal environment (PEGASO Project, PAC Rif central, MedRas…), where I was responsible for spatial data management and helped build the SDI for the Moroccan Mediterranean Case study.
I provided tuition in coastal GIS for the Masters students of the University Mohammed V Agdal, Rabat; and in particular, taught the use of GIS and remote sensing to quantify coastal erosion.

I have a strong multidisciplinary profile: for over two years, I also worked as an Administrator in the National Mutual Aid Government department in Morocco, where I was responsible for developing cooperation with associations and NGOs. I subsequently worked in the division of human resources management.

I worked as a volunteer and founded several associations in the field of research, development, and environment: namely (i) the Association of Young Researchers of the Faculty of Sciences- Rabat; (ii) the Moroccan Association of Geomaticians; and (iii) the Isly Association of Environment and Development. I love Salsa, Bachata, Surfing, Soccer and Microbreweries :) 

Current research interests 

  • Climate and weather data analysis
  • Sea level and storm surges
  • Coastal management
  • Tropical cyclones
  • Atmospheric rivers
  • Data science and Big data
  • Communicating science